Travel with me to the depths of your very own despair
It is dark here and there
I know
It’s frightening for most
But the very night that brings darkness
Will patch away the day
That keeps us ever so dazed
In the euphoria of the material
Which impairs the eyes

Not all see in the presence of light.

Blame the gods for their lack of mercy!
And I, too wonder, why their exists wickedness

I am not oblivious to misfortune and heartbreaks.

When man’s rules bite man’s hands
We, then, take the lives of the ones who are unable to speak
So freely, free-will we say
Without question or reflection
As though, they have not
A mouth to weep, a hand to revolt, a reason to prosper
And yet, cry to the heavens

When luck does not go our way.

Her existence, in another’s hands
Her body, claimed to be another’s body
Her choice, not her choice
Her life, she will not live
Mother, why have you begotten me
Daughter, my life is more precious than yours.

White elephants are still

Make beautiful the unseen, the unborn
A chance to be beautiful
Is all she is asking for
And let not your weakness

Decide the fate

Of the one who dreams
To one day be able to dream.




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