Past, Present and Future
How often do we step back to look at the bigger picture?
When will we trust the plan that promises to prosper?
Are we conditioned to dwell in the deceptive confidence that we will be harmed?
Even the most malicious man shares the virtues possessed by his righteous brother
To struggle helps open the eyes to the potentiality of redemption
And to the one who founded a nation that conducts chaos, breeds bedlam
He will be sheltered and befriended as long as he becomes conscious of his created malice
It is true that the greatest rewards are reserved for the blind man who makes his way home, despite the pain, although the damage
For a home remains until it has no owner
Amity is eternal until it is rejected
Panic not the guilty conscience that drives the sinner to his own end
Let hope not escape the most hopeful and hopeless of men.

— HT

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